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El CEAD Santa Cruz de Tenerife. Mercedes Pinto is an adult state distance school placed in the capital of the island of Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain. It started in 1983 in other premises. It was then very small but it grew as the demand for this type of education increased. We teach both compulsory and non compulsory secondary education, advanced vocational training,courses for people over 25 and 45 who wish to pass the entry exam to start University, courses to prepare students to enter Technical Colleges, specific on line courses which depend on the in service training programs of our state educational department, and That's English (a four yearEnglish course). There are only two on line schools on our islands: one is ours and the other is placed in Las Palmasde Gran Canarias. There are other adult schools in all the islands which deal mostly in the teaching of non compulsory education for adults. Our school is located in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, a lively town with very good weather. There are lots of cultural activities and schools of languages where our Grundtvig assistant can improve his or her language skills. We offer our help to find suitable accommodation and a nice and friendly working atmosphere and the possibility to learn a lot about on line education for adults. The person we are looking for should be ready to undertake English conversation lessons both for students and teachers with a B1 level and beginners and to help us with activities related to our Partnership (helping with cultural activities). Helping at the school library is another duty. Certificate in English (Level C) is essential.

  • Institution : CEAD Santa Cruz deTenerife Mercedes Pinto.
  • Contact : Rosario Pereyra
  • Email : 38010141@gobiernodecanarias.org
  • Country : Espagne
  • Website : www.cedtenerife.com
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